Home shield Waterproof Putty for Interior & Exterior Walls

Waterproof Putty is a white cement based premium quality putty with some unique properties. This is a ready to use, inimitable variety used externally or internally on concrete/mortar substrates to provide smooth aesthetic finish and extended life of top coat paints. Characteristics and Benefits: Water repeliency- Cured surface provides excellent hydrophobicity, exhibiting “Lotus” effect.  Anti-efflorescent- Cured surface shows remarkably distinct anti-efflorescent effect in comparison to traditional powder putties. Aesthetic finish- Seamless finish with capabilities to fill minor hairline cracks and pin holes.

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Bison Wall Putty for Interior & Exterior walls

Can be used in both Interiors and Exterior surfaces, cost effective, it provides smooth surfaces. Bison Wall Putty is powder based, a unique mixture of super fine cement blended with flexible powder polymer, cellulose, pigments and many other additives. It is used in both exterior and interior walls to give smooth, undulation free surface.

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