WeatherCoat Anti Dustt

Berger WeatherCoat Anti Dust - Best Exterior House Paint

WeatherCoat Anti Dustt

WeatherCoat Anti Dustt’s unique and innovative Dust Guard technology doesn’t allow dust to settle on your exterior walls

WeatherCoat Anti Dustt, one of the most innovative offerings from the house of Berger Paints is an ideal product for today. The country, which is continuously evolving and developing, creates a number of avenues to create dust in the environment. Construction of a flyover or a residential apartment nearby, dust on the road or the cable being laid in your own society is common and day to day sights for us. All these instances create environmental dust which settles on your exterior walls and are harmful for the life of the Paint. Not only it is bad aesthetics, Dust Along with water is an ideal breeding ground for fungus and algae to grow on your walls giving it black patches. Its unique Dust Guard technology doesn’t allow dust to settle on your exterior walls and keeps your house looking new and shining for years.


Dust Guard

Owing to advanced Dust Guard Technology, it has incredible resistance to dust, keeping your walls sparkling for years to come.

Anti Algal & Anti Fungal Protection

It provides long-lasting protection against fungus and algae on your walls.

No Black Streaks

With Anti Dustt, your walls are free from stains and black stripe marks caused due to dust deposition.

High Sheen

With a rich soft sheen finish, it enhances the beauty of your house.

Green Pro Certified

Validates our effort in striving towards cleaner, more sustainable future.