Silk illusions Non Metallic for Interior Wall Paint

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Silk illusions Non Metallic for Interior Wall Paint

5 new designs,short listed from 20 new patterns as per consumer research are – Moon Rock, Nova, Flora, Autumn and Silver Fire.

To celebrate this change and to reenergize the brand "Illusions" we are coming with new designs that will create a buzz among consumers and their experience will be bigger.


These 5 patterns are really innovative in nature and no competition can offer the same.

How these new patterns are different from existing market designs?

New patterns are very easy to replicate and no special training is required. Any painter with little bit of painting experience can create these patterns without much hassles. Therefore these designs are user friendly and 100% replication is guaranteed.

New design application does not depend on workmanship but on the product and the tool used. Therefore use of a proper tool will be enough to create designs as per the shade book.


Unique Patterns

Different types of special effects, such as autumn, crush, twirl, spatula, flora, nova, Wi-Fi, strings, trance, radiant glow, etc. can be created using a variety of tools on Berger Paints Silk Illusions range.

Easy Application

Specially formulated for easy application, allowing the tools to move smoothly and retain the pattern created.

High Sheen

It provides a very Metallic lustre high sheen that lends elegance and style to a surface.

Green Pro Certified

Validates our effort in striving towards cleaner, more sustainable future.