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Berger Seal-o-Primer with Triple Booster Formulation


Berger’s Seal-o-prime is a sealer system of multipurpose use that works both as a sealer and as an undercoat with hiding property. The first-ever configured product in the market with triple booster formulation. The triple booster formulation complies with Penetrative Acrylic Polymer, SILICON, and Titanium Oxide.

The first booster, Penetrative Acrylic Polymer has the property of entering into the pores and sealing the surface, creating a strong barrier against Dampness, efflorescence, alkali resistance, etc. Second, the addition of SILICON makes the product able to repeal water. The third booster, Titanium Oxide takes SEALOPRIME even further than the rest of the systems available on the market. Titanium Oxide allows the product to act as a sealer as well as an undercoat, for both Exterior and Interior paint systems. A huge improvement is also made to topcoat emulsion. If it is applied directly over SEALOPRIME, a minimum of 20% more coverage will be achieved.

Seal-o-prime can be used for multi-purposes. It can be used as a simple undercoat on cement, concrete, plaster, or tile surface both in the interior and exterior.


Higher Coverage

Higher Coverage

Superior whiteness

Superior Whiteness and better hiding.


Anti-Alkali and has descent anti-efflorescence property.

Higher Coverage to Top Coat

Gives higher coverage to top coat with better sheen.