Commando Interior Acrylic Paints for Interior Wall Paint

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Commando Interior Acrylic Paints for Interior Wall Paint

Commando Interior Acrylic Paint is an acrylic emulsion based value-for-money interior wall paint that gives an emulsion like finish at low cost. It is tailor-made for consumers looking for a better finish at a slight increment of cost from distemper. It can be tinted to the required shade through our colour bank.

Commando is an interior economy paint priced and position right above distemper. The price point of the product is such that it upgrades consumers from the distemper category at a lower cost with superior attributes. All fast moving shades of distemper can be tinted in Commando colour bases. Apart from this, there are other shades which can be tinted in its bases to give the consumer a wide range of shades. It has superior whiteness in the category, better wet and dry opacity than distemper and an emulsion like finish.


Emulsion like finish

Emulsion like finish unlike dead matt finish of ordinary distemper

Superior whiteness

Superior whiteness to distemper

Better hiding

Better hiding (both wet and dry) than distemper

More range of shades

More range of shades than distemper

Better coverage

Better coverage than distemper with incremental costs at the end user point

Green Pro Certified

Validates our effort in striving towards cleaner, more sustainable future.

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