Bison Distemper for Interior Wall Paint

Berger Bison Distemper - Best Interior House Paint

Bison Distemper for Interior Wall Paint

A Tough acrylic-based Distemper

Bison Acrylic Distemper is a-100% water based acrylic co-polymer emulsion designed for interior walls. Available in both factory-made ready shades and in a tintable format, it gives surfaces an elegant and durable matt finish.


Superior whiteness

It gives you unparalleled whiteness amongst the distemper category, thereby keeping your wall beautiful.

Unmatched shade retention

It helps your shade to retain its colour for longer periods of time compared to ordinary distempers, thus your walls remain bright for longer.

Bison Super Distemper

Enhanced version of distemper to give you better coverage, finish and a wider range of shades as it is in tintable format.

Green Pro Certified

Validates our effort in striving towards cleaner, more sustainable future.

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