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DampShield Elasto

Our Damp Shield Elasto is a PU modified elastomeric liquid applied membrane applied as exterior barrier coat for extended durability of Paint. It is a fiber reinforced liquid applied waterproofing membrane which is impregnated with synthetic fiber. It is blended with PU modified binders and special PP fibers which takes care of minor cracks, dampness, and acts as a barrier coat exterior painting system.


6 yrs waterproofing warranty

Acts as excellent barrier coat which offers 6 years of waterproofing warranty. T&C applicable.

High Build Coating

It gives a DFT upto 130 microns as barrier coat which helps to resist water ingression.


Reduces carbon dioxide and chloride ion diffusion which gives protection from corrosion of rebars.


Elongates up to 160% which takes care of minor crack formation on plastered walls.

Horizontal Application

 It can also be applied on Horizontal surface as waterproofing coat with proper ratio (available in PDS).

Green Pro Certified

Validates our effort in striving towards a cleaner, more sustainable future.