All You Need To Know About Waterproofing

Not only is your home an important asset, but also where you create wonderful memories. Humidity and water infiltration in your house can have real implications for both your belongings and your health. Read further to learn all the know-how of waterproofing your house and safeguarding it from the elements.

Figure Out The Problem

You need to know where the problem comes from, to be able to do the necessary waterproofing work in your house. There are many reasons why your house might suffer from a humidity problem. One of the reasons could be the materials used and they may be highly porous. The surface of the walls may be faulty with cracks on the walls. The baseboards or the wooden flooring may have swollen up due to water infiltration, particularly in the lower corners of the walls. Capillary may rise from the ground when the foundation walls absorb water and minerals from the soil. If there is a high humidity level in your house, you will observe faint halos on your walls. You will need to quickly start waterproofing your home if it has recently suffered from water damage or flooding.

The Ultimate Solution To The Problem

If you have been facing any of the above-mentioned problems, you need not worry. To be able to better cope with this kind of damage, turn to Berger Waterproof Putty. It is a white cement based premium quality putty with some special unique properties. It needs to be applied along the damaged area. The putty for waterproofing is ready to use and provides smooth and aesthetic finish. It extends life of top coat paints. The cured surface shows distinct anti-efflorescence effect in comparison to traditional powder putties. The cured surface provides excellent hydrophobicity, exhibiting “Lotus Bead” effect. What’s more, the wall putty does not require extra strength to apply on the walls.

Isn’t it great? Next time you want to waterproof your home, choose Berger Waterproof Putty, an innovative and holistic approach to maintaining your home.