Decode the Perfect Decor

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that your home is your perfect heaven. Often the best of your creative thoughts, ideas and innovation come from the most peaceful corner of your sweet abode where you love spending hours just like that. That’s exactly how I see myself when I’m penning down my thoughts for creative writing, or simply working on a new assignment. The interiors and decor of my home certainly play a key role in redefining my mood and rejuvenating my mind be it a busy day or a laid-back one.

Sometimes your perfect heaven has those key decor elements missing or is asking for your attention for a revamp or a make-over. Be it something as basic as the upholstery, or the furniture that needs a new polish or even the curtains that look a little outdated.

With this feature, I’m going to share with you how little lifestyle elements in your home decor can jazz up your personal space and you don’t even need to spend too much on it.

Setting a Cozy Corner 

Women are always on their toes and therefore I strongly feel that your home should have a beautiful cozy corner where you can have your cuppa, while reading your favorite author on your kindle. And I must tell you that setting such a cool corner is no big deal. All you need is one good piece of furniture, some throwaway style floor cushions and maybe a sleek corner lamp for a modern look. It could be there in the living room or even in your bedroom if the room is spacious enough. To have a personal space in your house has its own advantages. You feel confident as there’s always that ‘corner’ that’s there for your ‘me-time’. Also, the decor of your living room or bedroom space doesn’t look monotonous, there’s something to break the flow, sort of asymmetry that quite appealing actually! 

Quick Tip: 

Make sure to throw in some fresh flowers if there’s a small table, or put a cute tall vase with just one nice flower in it. 

Space it Out, Smartly!

A lot of people assume that good decor means lots of decorative pieces, be it the furniture, artifacts or the wall-paintings. But I feel that style is passé and today the flat concept doesn’t leave us with such choices. Since I myself live in a flat, I feel the need of space every now and then, and thus, I try keeping minimalism as my decor statement. Like, you can have the two-seater sofa set which is in vogue these days. Always leave at least one side of the wall free of any furniture. This way you will have enough space to move around and at the same time your living room won’t look empty. I particularly like keeping the center areas clutter-free as I keep the center-table in one corner as that’s one piece of furniture that’s used only when guests arrive. 

It’s good to utilize your home space in a very smart way, and if you feel that not many corners are left to decorate, it’s better to focus on the walls than just filling ever square of the floor with something or the other. Walls are a great way to revamp your home interiors; select paintings that are both modern and contemporary. You can even opt for black and white paintings or the Kishangarh style motifs, or if you have deeper pockets, then go for artwork from the famous artists.

Quick Tip: 

Whether you go for one huge painting or a lot of smaller ones to perk up the walls, that style could be something personal and I must tell you that both look equally good.

A place that brings the sense of belonging sure deserves to be crafted with care and creativity. And you know what? It’s never too late to think of fresh interiors and decor elements for your home sweet home.

Your home interiors define you and thus, empower you in its own subtle way. If the colours on your walls can perk up your mood or thoughts, the way you set your home with the right furniture and furnishings can influence your perception in the most powerful way, something that we usually don’t even realize.  I would love to know how you jazz up your own personal space, so comment away!