When your home has been damaged by a natural disaster, you have the opportunity to make the structural changes you have always wanted to and strengthen your home against future weather damage.

The things you may need to consider are new paint colours, flooring, countertops, plumbing and light fixtures. Read on to learn all about them…

Warm or Cool Colours: Warm colours are neutrals such as brown, beige and cream.  Warm colours can also be more obvious like red, yellow and orange. Cool colours are neutrals like grey, white, charcoal, black, blue, green and purple. You can use these paint colours for bedrooms, living rooms and kitchen.

Flooring: When the disaster has passed, you will need to focus on the flooring. Since the floor is a key design element of any room in the home, you will need to decide on the look and feel you want for each room and throughout your home. You will have to spare some time to pick the right materials such as wood, cork, bamboo, laminate, vinyl, carpet, ceramic and linoleum to name a few along with the colours, patterns and textures for each room.

Countertops: Countertops are necessary for both – food preparation and to accommodate electrical appliances like coffee makers, toasters, blenders and microwaves. The underside of the countertops can be left open, or peninsula cabinets can be installed underneath.

Plumbing: When a natural disaster hits, the plumbing in your home may get damaged, causing the pipes to leak or break. Water can also come into your room through the foundation and the walls. Before you start remodelling your home, you must look for water damage and repair the cause of it. You need to replace any fixtures that could have sustained breaks, leaks, cracks or other damage owing to the unfortunate event. This precaution could save you from expenses in the future and keep you and your family safe.

Lighting fixture: You need to look for defective electrical wiring and leaky gas connections and fix it immediately as they are extremely dangerous. LED bulbs are your best bet when it comes to lighting options for your home as they are environmentally-friendly, affordable and have the potential to last for decades!

Hope you find this article insightful!